News, community and the hyper-local

News, community and the hyper-local

On Tuesday, at SLA, I attended a rather interesting panel:

State of the Revolution: Constant innovation in the local news landscape

While the format adapts and morphs – journalism will endure. The news just keeps coming. The question is: what do communities need to know? How can we get as many people as possible to these stories or provide the best information? How best to connect citizens with this information? Join new media pioneers Ben Ilfield and Geoff Samek, co-founders of Castle Press LLC, whose Sacramento Press together with a small core staff and hundreds of community writers, cover the pulse of Sacramento, California. They will address their vision, their model, the platform they built, how the news is reported, edited, tagged, curated and circulated online – with plans for expansion

As it happens, Sacramento is semi-local to me (a two-hour drive, outside of rush hour), so I was intrigued.  The speakers (Geoff Samek and Ben Ilfeld), moderator (Leigh Montgomery of the Christian Science Monitor) and the audience graciously gave their consent to let me record

Ben Ilfield, co-founder and COO, Sacramento Press / Castle Press LLC
Geoff Samek, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief, Sacramento Press / Castle Press
Moderator: Leigh Montgomery, Christian Science Monitor

Ben’s and Geoff’s presentation can be found online here:

And there is also audio from the presentation, including audience response (although the volume may be quite low for some of the non-microphoned speakers). Ben and Geoff talk about the Sacramento Press project.

How viable or scalable the Sacramento Press project is currently or shall be is something I am not qualified to comment upon. However, I think, as a new model for news generation and dissemination, there’s food for thought and room for thoughtful analysis.

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