Catharsis burgers

Catharsis burgers

This has nothing whatsoever to do with librarianship.

I passed the CA bar back in May.  I wanted to do a grand gesture to signify my triumph.  My idea: set my bar prep materials (outlines, testbooks, flash cards) ablaze in a bonfire, preferably at a beach with friends and small amounts of alcohol. However, figuring out the maze of requirements and prohibitions of various beaches in the area has left me confused and with 15 pounds of paper gathering dust and cobwebs. Something needed to be done.

Behold, a small backyard grill!

Grill loaded with bar prep kindling Bar prep alightThere was lots of tearing beforehand: I didn’t want to burn the treated covers or the glue binding. I then crumpled the pages and threw them on. What a sight! There’s charcoal underneath all that paper. And as it turns out, the paper made great kindling.

The pages and cards quickly burned down to ashes and the charcoal caught fire and burned off sufficiently so that there was a nice, warm glow from the coals. On went the burger patties. All in all, they were delicious. Burgers fresh from the grill, flavored with law and catharsis. Yum.

Still, I have another 12 lbs. of material to get rid of … so there may indeed be a beach party someday.

Burgers on the bar!

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