LLoPS Session: Managing Electronic Resources

LLoPS Session: Managing Electronic Resources

Managing Electronic Resources

Merrill Chetok & Julie Fontenelle

Microsoft Corporate/Law Library

MS library services (in-house) customers worldwide – 180,000 customers


MS Library & Legal Library were separate — now in the midst of merging

How users access materials:

MSLibrary site

  • Broken out by resources
  • Alerts available to push info to users
  • Basic form provided for “customer reviews”
  • Chat with MSLibrary
  • Articles, podcasts and the blog
  • Legal Resources tab on MSLibrary tab
  • List of enterprise-wide resources by name AND
  • Breakout menu of legal resources by practice group category — includes enterprise-wide and site license-restricted databases for specific practice groups

Library site based on Sharepoint 2010

Marketing to the Legal staff – going to where they are, talking with them.


Custom delays holding up books

Customers wanted anytime, anywhere access

MS Library was offering tethered access – no longer the best option

But people still want their print books (about 50/50 split)

Issues in expanding into ebooks

Download limitations:

Restriction on # of times document is downloaded

Restriction of # of devices

One account per customer

Lending limitations:

B&N Nook (“LendMe”)


Sony Reader


Bulk hardware purchase?

Format compatibility

Needs assessment survey:

Many customers already owned a reader

Kindle the majority reader

Mobi content is the most difficult format to find outside of the Amazon store, but it is possible to find and license such content (Safari, Springer, Overdrive)

Suggestion #1:

Examine all new content for format compatibility — talk to your vendors about format compatibility now

Suggestion #2:

Buy e-readers for testing (about $500)

Podcasts and blog posts on how to transfer ebook content to each device, as well as a print flier

% of Total Circulation

Print — 25%

e-books — 75%

Legal content

Westlaw Next has option to download content directly to the Kindle

Lexis is working on an ebook/epub database

Still investigating other publishers/access points for legal content

Comment: legal publishers are starting to develop their ebook market – have the capacity to “catch up” to the STM (Science, Tech, Medical) market within a year

Other resources


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