Mad Librarian background

Mad Librarian background

Currently, I am a web content consultant for an online publisher of legal information, but I do answer to the title “Minion.” My degrees include an MLIS from San Jose State University and a JD from Santa Clara University School of Law. I tend to put silly titles on my business cards, such as “Information Bounty Hunter” and “Info Diva”. However, I am very serious about information policy, including topics such as Internet speech, online privacy, media law and regulation, government transparency and the ethics of information retrieval in a Web 2.0 world. You’re at my blog and can see my Twitter account from here, as well. Thank you for dropping by.

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  1. Copyright/fair use question for you….We are going to a video on demand system and would like to import our current DVD’s and videotapes. Are we violating copyright/fair use by doing this? We are a k-12 setting.

  2. Hi, Laura … apologies for the delay in getting to your question.

    This is a difficult question. There was a recent controversy over UCLA setting up a streaming service for students to watch educational content – there was a threat of a lawsuit, but after taking the service down for a while, the university said it would start streaming again as of March 2010 –

    Retransmission/re-broadcast of of whole, copyrighted material is typically not a fair use, but since you’re an educational institution, it becomes a question of whether the TEACH Act covers your proposed activity. You may want to contact someone in your state’s school library association who’s deals with copyright issues, or perhaps ALA’s Copyright Advisory Network, with more detail. Hope this helps.

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